The Ndutu area has two lodges, both of which offer superior accommodations.

Ndutu Safari Lodge

Ndutu Safari Lodge, faces north near to the banks of Ndutu Lake, a salt lake which is almost completely dry during the dry season. Ndutu Safari Lodge is well known for the genet who have made themselves at home in the rafters of the lounge area. Looking like sleek and graceful spotted cats, they are actually related to the mongoose, and perform a valuable service at the lodge by controlling rodents and insects. Watching the genets is a favorite pastime of lodge guests.

Ndutu Safari Lodge has thirty-four comfortable bungalows with en-suite bathrooms and these bungalows extend in both directions from the central, open-sided bar, lounge and dining-room. Each bungalow has a private verandah looking out towards the lake.

Ndutu Safari Lodge








Please follow this link to the official site of the Ndutu Safari Lodge for more information

Lake Masek Tented Camp

The other lodge in the Ndutu area is called Lake Masek Tented Camp (named after the second lake just to the east of Ndutu Lake).

Built only five years ago, Lake Masek Tented Camp offers higher end accommodations in the old-world luxury tented style.








Please follow this link to the official site of the
Lake Masek Tented Camp for more information.

During the busy seasons of December through March, a number of tour operators setup semi-permanent luxury tents camps in the area, and one can generally book into these.

Ndutu is a popular area with the limited accommodations of only the two lodges and the seasonal tent camps, so it is a good idea to plan ahead and make a booking six months to a year in advance of your travel.

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