Of all the national parks, Arusha National Park is the closest to the city of Arusha and the nearby Kilimanjaro International Airport, which is served by major airlines from Europe and other African capitals.

The smallest of Tanzania’s parks, Arusha National Park is home to Mount Meru, in the western part of the park, and which is ideal for hiking and mountain climbing. But be sure to allow several days if you are planning to hike to the summit.

Since it is so close to the airport, it is a great first stop after the long hours on the plane. I always suggest to my clients that they include Arusha National Park if they have the time because it is a great starting point or “Eye opener” to the wonders of Tanzania

Arusha National Park is best known for the rare white and black monkey or colubus monkey, which can often be sighted on a short game drive. With its five small lakes, the shores of which are dotted with flamingos from August to December, Arusha National Park is known for elephants, zebras, warthogs and its giraffes, which are the Tanzania National Symbol. -- Shaaban

Please follow this link to the official site of the Arusha National Park for additional information

Arusha National Park


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