Ndutu is situated in the Ngorongoro Conservation Area Authority, on the southern edge of the Serengeti Plains, conveniently close to the Serengeti National Park, Ngorongoro Crater, and Oldupai Gorge.

The Ndutu area boasts some of the finest Acacia woodland on the fringe of the wide Serengeti plains and the sight of these beautiful African trees silhouetted against a vivid sunset or sunrise can be a truly memorable experience. 

The rains in Ndutu and the southeastern portion of the Serengeti usually start in late November and run until late March – but they are usually sporadic and last only a few hours at a time.

The migrating wildebeest, zebra, Thomson’s gazelle and Grant’s gazelle come into the area to feast on the lush green grasses, loaded with nutrients due to the volcanic activity from the Ngorongoro Highlands to the east. It is also where they come to give birth to their young

The lush plains around Ndutu boast lots of wildflowers which attract many migratory birds which crowd the bushes and lakeshores.

From June through November, the plains are dry and the great herds of wildebeest have moved north in the Great Migration. This is the time when the resident animals converge to Ndutu's waterholes and marshes, making fantastic game viewing for elephants, giraffes, impalas, heartbeest, Grant’s gazelle, Thomson’s gazelle and all kind of cats, including lions, leopards, cheetahs, and other small cats such as the serval cat and caracal cat.

So, whether it is the wet or the dry season, there is always a lot to see and enjoy in and around the Ndutu area. -- Shaaban.

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