Shaaban Lagwen is the chief guide for Fila Adventures and also one of the principle owners of the company. Shaaban has worked as a safari guide in Northern Tanzania for more than twenty years and is considered as one of Tanzania’s finest and most experienced guides.

Shaaban is a fluent English speaker and always establishes an easy going repartee with his clients while on game drives. His knowledge of the animals of East Africa is amazing – and so it his knowledge and understanding of the plants and trees. It is not uncommon, when on a game drive with Shaaban, to be tracking an animal and to hear Shaaban start calling that animal – he is able to mimic the natural cries of most African animals.

When tour groups are too large for only a single vehicle, Shaaban is usually assisted by one of several other guides, all equally as experienced and as charismatic as Shaaban.

Prior to your safari – or even when you are just contemplating a safari – Shaaban loves to have a video chat using Skype. Simply drop him an email to set up a mutually convenient time.


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