Though many people are reluctant to entertain the notion of tent camping in the African bush, if done correctly and by experienced guides, the tent camping safari is safe and can be the most rewarding for the participants. There are few experiences that are more idyllic, on the one hand, and exciting, on the other, as lying in a cot in a tent and listening to all the nighttime sounds from the Serengeti plain – from the roaring of lions, and howling of hyena and monkeys, to the tromping of an elephant herd moving past. Truly one of the most invigorating experiences ever and one not to me missed when in Africa. But not for everyone.

On our tent camping safaris, we generally travel with two vehicles. The one vehicle, usually driven by Shaaban, is the primary viewing car. The second vehicle is driven by the cook and helper, who generally drive ahead to setup camp and prepare the evening meal.


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