If you have any specialty medications, make sure to bring them with you as it can often be problematic obtaining these in East Africa.

If you have a pair of binoculars, bring them. Your guide will always have a pair and will use them as often as possible -- but a second set of eyes scanning for game is always helpful. 

Lodges generally provide the necessary toiletry consumable items such as soap and shampoo – however, most people prefer to bring their own.

Also bring some bug spray as we may go into locations that have some mosquitos and other insects. The most effective form of bug spray is 100% Deet, however this can irritate some peoples skin. Some people prefer to use other means of repelling insects, especially mosquitos, but these generally are not as effective as Deet.

 Also, please consult with your family physician who will advise you any necessary immunizations and will prescribe one of several forms of anti-malaria medication.


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